Trying to fix a broken system


Is it fair to say that most people who have their children apprehended by CFS, do not know what their rights are? Having been in community conversations lately, I get the feeling that many people do not. I have been working on a plan to end youth homelessness this summer, and the majority of the service providers that I have interviewed have told me that CFS is one of the main causes of Winnipeg’s youth homelessness problem.

As much as 70% of the people who are experiencing youth homelessness, have been involved in the Child Welfare system at one point or another. There is 10,000+ kids in care in Manitoba. 8000+ kids are of indigenous descent. The Province of Manitoba spends an estimated $470 million annually on Child Welfare, making that a significant part of the budget. In order to work on the plan to end youth homelessness, The Child…

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