Trying to fix a broken system


Is it fair to say that most people who have their children apprehended by CFS, do not know what their rights are? Having been in community conversations lately, I get the feeling that many people do not. I have been working on a plan to end youth homelessness this summer, and the majority of the service providers that I have interviewed have told me that CFS is one of the main causes of Winnipeg’s youth homelessness problem.

As much as 70% of the people who are experiencing youth homelessness, have been involved in the Child Welfare system at one point or another. There is 10,000+ kids in care in Manitoba. 8000+ kids are of indigenous descent. The Province of Manitoba spends an estimated $470 million annually on Child Welfare, making that a significant part of the budget. In order to work on the plan to end youth homelessness, The Child…

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Reform VS. Revolution

North End MC

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There are two types of activists out there; those who believe we can make changes to the system to help the people, and those who want to blow up the system. Often time these types of individuals clash, and are accused of being “bought out” or that their actions benefit only themselves and not the people they claim to serve. Often the accusers are members of our own community who believe that the system is evil and must be destroyed immediately, relating all people associated to maintaining the current system as evil as well. I believe the system is evil, but we are only going to make changes if we employ every available resource/person at every available time, from now until the near future. We have a common reason to work together; the well being of children in our communities (see the word of my brother Lenard on this very…

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