American War Resistors in Canada

A number of American soldiers who object to the country’s ongoing military campaigns in the middle east have sought refuge in Canada. While some of these ex-soldiers have received work permits, others seek protection from being apprehended and deported by the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) in religious sanctuaries.

First Nations Transparency and the Threat of Funding Cuts

Bill C-27 (formerly C-575), the First Nation Financial Transparency Act (FNFTA) is legislation that would require FNs to submit the finances of all band politicians including private assets. There are 55 FNs that have refused to comply with these orders, and in reaction the Harper Government has threatened to cut of all non-essential funding and hold back future funds. The legislation raises the issue of territorial sovereignty of First Nations to manage their own affairs without governmental interference, or punishment for failing to comply with demands that are not faced by many “Canadian” politicians. Critics also note that this issue is being used by the Conservatives to distract public attention from the rampant poverty, suicide and opposition to resource development that exist, by directing attention to and reinforcing the myth of “the crooked Indian.”  Onion Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, itself a major oil producer, has launched a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the federal government for the damage that would be caused by the punitive measures involved in the FNFTA).

Protests and Arrests around Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in BC

Ongoing protests have been taking place in BC in an attempt to stop the American corporation Kinder Morgan from expanding a pipeline that would dramatically increase the flow of diluted bitumen from the Tar Sands to ships bound for international markets. The initial phases of this project involve drilling core samples to obtain geological data on the area the pipeline would pass through. The drill site is in a provincially designated Burnaby Mountain Conservation area. The protests were initially successful in stopping Kinder Morgan crews. KM recently slapped several of the activists with a law suit for over 5 million dollars in damages. This past week KM was granted a court injunction by the BC superior court to clear protestors. Since last Thursday, over 100 people have been arrested. Here are some accounts of the events.

violence against women

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  On top of all the social factors that make people more susceptible to experiencing violence – class, addiction, occupation,  citizenship status – being a women increases these dramatically. This article highlights five specific areas that are key to addressing violence against women.

1. Justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women

2. Support sex workers

3. Migrant justice

4. Homeless and housing crisis

5. The War on Drugs is a War on Women

Why edge affect?

Affect is emotion that has entered into the public domain and is circulating amidst people, animals, places and things. I’m really interested in the idea of the edges of affect, and by this I mean a few things. In this context, the idea of an edge can mean, 1) The thresholds across which emotions become public, 2) The boundaries that delimit the platforms of expression that are available to certain people, 3) Whether there is affinity or aversion between people, or even groups, based on the expression and reception of emotion.

So affective edges are involved both in major events like a federal election and also in a person’s day-to-day experiences, their relationships and the conflicts they are engaged in.

Election 2015 Canada

This blog is a place to begin to explore feelings that people have about the upcoming Canadian federal election which is scheduled for October 19th 2015. I will be posting articles from mainstream and alternative news sources and linking to relevant online discussions happening in the hope of providing information from different perspectives and on a broad range of issues.